Wonderful Ideas

    Comall works in every detail of the design, from skyline sketches, accurate 3D drawings, and constantly improving the details of the product, attractive packaging and visual presentation of the film, the intention of the design of the ingenuity presented to the user.

    Environmental Protection

    Comall sells worldwide.To healthy living, creative life as the main, laid Qanta series brand position.Concerned about environmental protection, emphasizing creativity, put creative products at the same time, try to reduce the burden on the earth.

    Life Taste

    Comall presents a different view, with a pleasant and humorous attitude to convey the function and creativity.Flexible use collocation with material、color and modeling,highlight your unique life taste, showing the best living state.

    Happy Life

    We hope to bring a warm feeling and happy living for everyone in the convenient high-tech era, meanwhile,caring people around, and surrounding environment.Because of the Comall’s focus,the life is different.

    COMALL Originality Design

    COMALL Originality Design

    Qanta Group focused on the development of silicone materials and design applications! Subsidiary company Midas Design MDSIL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.Originality Design.

    Qanta brand was born in 2001 in Hong Kong, is committed to the development of environmentally friendly materials silicone and derivative creative products.Careful observation of the details in life, triggering inspiration, creating interesting and practical good ideas,development of the viability of the application of silicone materials,with idea to create a good environmental and food-grade non-toxic design.To the convenience of life and interesting ideas for inspiration, to create a functional combination of healing effect of goods,close to the fantastic of people living experience.